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The parents at COAS

The most important people at the school are the parents. They are the first and who are mainly responsible for the education of their children. The right and the duty of educating children correspond to the parents in the first place and only subsequently to the State.


The educational task of the schools is understood as delegated and collaborative, but never a substitute. The greatest responsibility that the parents have is precisely to give their children a good education. That will be their main legacy.


Our role is that of co-educators. The quality of the teaching and the transmission of the curricular project are guaranteed, but for a person's complete education the continuous example of the family is vital. We understand this as the natural environment where the human personality is forged, and where values and capacities like solidarity, generosity, respect, and affection take root. Only with their help is it possible to transmit a transcendent sense of life.

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Parent representatives (MEC)

In our schools we advise the parents so that they can carry out in a reflexive, coherent and satisfactory way their task as primary educators. This is undertaken with the support of a reduced number of families that - in a small way - transmit and help all the families of the school learn this responsibility. These are the parent representatives or MEC.



Work of the MEC
- To help families take an active part in the education of their children.
- To encourage parents to attend the activities that the school organizes.
- To organize activities with the families from their course.
- To assist the families of their course who are new in the school, so that they feel at home.
- To participate actively in the sessions organized by the school.

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The Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students (Ampa)

Each school has an AMYPA (Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students) legally constituted, and whose operation is governed by its articles of association.


Each association is integrated into a federation at Autonomous Regional level, FAPAE in the Basque country, and FAPACE in La Rioja and into a confederation at state level (COFAPA). These federations are also integrated into the EPA (European Parent Association), to which more than 10 million European families belong.


Among their functions we may mention:

1- to encourage parents to cooperate with the school in reaching the goals set out in their educational projects.

2- to facilitate orientation activities that may help parents with educational tasks: courses of family orientation, conferences, etc

3- to channel initiatives and the parents' suggestions for the improvement of the school´s functions, always respecting the autonomy of the school board on matters of technical organization, teaching activities, and other functions related to their duties.

4- To help in the organization and the development of activities that are complementary to student education.

5- to promote and provide funding for activities that promote integrated education, as laid out in the Ideario and the educational plan for the school.

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