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14 Jan

The teacher in charge of a course coordinates the educational tasks that his students are taught and with whom he may teach one or more subjects.


The main tasks are the following:
• Coordinate the educational activities of the teachers that are involved in his class, direct evaluation sessions and keep a record of academic achievements of each of the students in his course.
• Manage materials and other equipment and to contribute the necessary information to the tutors so that they can carry out their tasks to the best of their abilities.
• Take responsibility for coexistence and discipline of the group of students that he/she takes charge of, so that there is an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, work, discipline and companionship.
• Chair the informative meetings and other activities provided for the parents of his students.

11 Jan

(ETIS) are the working teams formed by the heads of departments of each school and the Pedagogic Department of COAS, where experiences and materials are shared to help develop educational innovation in a collaborative working spirit.


Their fundamental purpose is to unify approaches to developing the educational lines set out by the Departments of Education of the Autonomous Regions. That is why teacher retraining and life-long learning is essential.


Another of the objectives and a consequence of this team work, is the definition and adaptation of best educational practices.


We invite our pedagogic advisers to some of these ETI´s. Starting from the 2012-13 course, these meetings will be carried out using videoconferencing to optimise time and resources for participants.

08 Mar

4- Section Meetings

Section Meetings are weekly meetings of the entire teaching staff of each level. The objective of these meetings is to coordinate activities and to make decisions about aspects related to coexistence, teaching and internal operations.


Two section meetings a month are used to give methodological training to the staff of each course.

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